Mini French Twist

I love a good French Twist. It is timeless and pretty. It is fairly fancy for most occasions, so I thought I would do a style that had a small French Twist in it, but still seems casual.

I have done this style to myself a couple of times and it is so easy but looks beautiful. You will only need a few bobby pins for this whole style.  The best part is that this style works on any and all types of hair. For those people who say they can’t get their fingers to work doing styles on themselves, this style is simple enough for you.

I like my hair curled for this style, especially if I am wearing this to a party or even for a work day.  I go over how I back comb my hair and section it out to achieve this style.  Once you have it all back combed you can start the twisting.  I find it easiest to twist towards my right hand, as that is just the way my hair seems to go.  Once you have your twist in, you will only need a few bobby pins.  My hair only uses two and it holds it all day.  You put a bobby pin in the top and one up through the bottom and it makes it secure.  I loosened up the pinned portion a bit by pulling on it, gave it a spray, and it was done!

I love this style and I hope you all do as well!